The Importance of Transmission Services

Although there are some vehicles on the road that still have manual transmissions, most contemporary vehicles come equipped with automatic transmissions. Keeping your transmission serviced is important for several reasons. Not only does transmission services keep transmission parts properly lubricated and cool, they may also help keep your vehicle’s warranty valid.

How often should you have your transmission serviced? This depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations, which will typically be intervals in time or mileage. An automatic transmission’s fluid will diminish over time as the gears transfer power from the engine to the wheels, and a manual transmission service is needed to stop premature wear from occurring on the shafts and gear shifts. If you fail to have your transmission serviced, it could result in costly repairs.

Next time you need to have your vehicle’s transmission serviced, be sure to visit us at the Paul Miller Audi auto repair shop in Parsippany.

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