Brakes Need Regular Inspections

It's important to have good working brakes on our vehicle because the safety of the vehicle can be lessened if the brakes are not working correctly. If it has been over a year or more than 12,000 miles, then it is probably time to have the brakes inspected.

Drum brakes, disc brakes, brake shoes, brake pads, calipers and rotors are all essential components of the braking system and need to be inspected and replaced when they become worn or damaged. The brake fluid is also necessary for proper brake function and should be checked for possible contamination and for the correct level. If your vehicle is making squealing noises when you brake, if the vehicle takes longer to stop or pulls to one side when braking or the brake light comes on, then these can be signs the brake system needs servicing.

Bring your vehicle in to Paul Miller Audi for a thorough brake examination. We will check your brakes and provide any other services you may need.

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