The new Audi Q8 gives New Jersey drivers a satisfying driving experience because it comes with many advancements as a standard. However, if you want to take this SUV to the next level, you can always upgrade it with one of the automaker's optional packages. One example is the convenience package which we cover below.

What is Included with the Audi Q8 Convenience Package?

The convenience package offered with the Audi Q8 will improve your ride in three ways.

Additional Safety

Driving can be challenging because you must take multiple things into account—all at once—to ensure you operate your vehicle safely. Fortunately, the package includes Audi pre sense® safety systems that act as a co-pilot. One example is Rear Cross Traffic Assist which uses sensors incorporated into the back bumper to scan what lies behind. If there are hazards, such as approaching cars, it will alert you to step on the brakes to prevent an accident. That way, you can reverse with greater caution.

Enhanced Design

The new Audi Q8 is already a stunning mode of transportation. Its aerodynamic silhouette allows you to move with smooth precision while its vibrant lights illuminate your surroundings for increased visibility. But what if you could improve its exterior further still? Well, now you can with the convenience package which entails hi-tech side mirrors. Not only does it dim automatically to protect your eyes from the light emitted by cars trailing behind, it has power-folding, heating, and memory functions as well!

Connected Tech

Your mobile device goes wherever you go, which is why this new Audi SUV is also made to support your mobile phone. Specifically, the package contains an Audi phone box. It will boost your signal so you can stay connected. Plus, it has a wireless charger so you can keep your battery at 100-percent at all times. Naturally, such a feature will appeal to modern drivers.

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