When your car doesn't start, it can ruin your entire day. Whether you're trying to head to work in West Orange, you're going to pick up kids in Livingston, or you're off to run errands in Wayne, NJ, a dead battery is never a good situation to have to deal with. How can you prevent a dead battery from occurring? By looking out for the signs that your battery requires service.

  • The Lights are Dimmer Than Normal – If the lights in your Audi car or SUV don't look as bright as they normally do, this is the beginning of a weakened battery charge. You'll want to keep an eye out for other signs that your battery is failing.
  • It Takes a While to Start First Thing – When you go to start your car for the first time (cold-cranking), and it doesn't start right away, this is a sign that your battery is beginning to die. Cold-cranking takes more battery power, and if it struggles, your car may have a dying battery.
  • It Cranks but Doesn't Start – If you go to start your car and the lights and radio work, but it won't start, your battery may still have a charge, but not enough of one to start your vehicle. You'll want to jumpstart your car and think about replacing the battery soon.
  • Nothing Happens – If nothing is working in your vehicle, you most likely have a dead battery. You can try to jumpstart it, but more than likely, you'll need to have your battery replaced.

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