Used SUVs in Parsippany, NJ

All of Our Used Cars Are Priced to Market
Our computer software compares our cars with like models on the internet and then prices our cars just below the actual selling price of those cars. So, the price you see listed represents the actual best selling price and not an inflated asking price. This allows our customers to shop with priced to market confidence and never worry about paying too much.

Used SUVs For Sale At Paul Miller Audi In Parsippany, NJ

Sports utility vehicles are versatile, spacious, and prepared for anything. If you've been searching for a like-new SUV that fits best in your busy life, we recommend browsing through our collection of used SUVs. We have a wide array of pre-owned SUVs in every size, shape, powertrain, and brand, and we'd love to offer you a test drive today! 

Used Audi SUVs Combine Luxury, Reliability, And A Great Overall Price

 You never know what type of used SUV you'll find at Paul Miller Audi, but you can be sure that there will be multiple pre-owned Audi SUVs available. These Audi SUVs feature the lavish qualities of the Audi brand, the performance that can handle anything you place before it, and a plethora of technological advancements and programs. Here are a few pre-owned SUVs that we have available. 

  • Used Audi Q3 - An intelligent, compact SUV that comes with technological features that send you into the future. It's small enough to maneuver gracefully around Caldwell and Morristown but still holds the adaptability that your busy schedule requires.
  • Used Audi Q5 - Slightly larger than the Audi Q3, but not quite as big as the Audi Q7, the Audi Q5 is a perfect middle sibling. It comes with added room for your passengers, amped up powertrains for your weekend adventures, and plenty of luxury to allow you to relax throughout any drive around Wayne NJ or beyond.
  • Used Audi Q7 - The Audi Q7 is a three-row SUV with up to seven seats. Bring along whoever you'd like while you still enjoy the luxury and power that an Audi model holds. Drivers will also enjoy a large amount of cargo room, especially when both rows are folded flat.
  • Other Used SUV Brands - Besides Audi, our used SUV collection also contains like-new SUVs from other popular brands. New Jersey drivers can find pre-owned SUVs from such brands as Toyota and Subaru, with others being added as they pass our thorough inspection process.

Which Used SUV Should You Choose?

There are so many different types of SUVs out there these days. From small crossovers and SUV coupes to large SUVs that hold eight or nine people, there is a different type of SUV for every type of driver. Perhaps you love to go on the back roads around Livingston? Maybe you enjoy not being on a road at all? Or perhaps you prefer staying on the paved, main roads in West Orange. Wherever you like to drive and however many people you'd like to have along for the ride, we have a used SUV for you. 

  • Used SUVs With Third-Row Seating

    Do you have a large family? Do you like to bring along your kids' friends or carpool with your coworkers? Do you just enjoy having a lot of space? An SUV with a third row is what you need. These larger SUVs can contain anywhere from six to nine seats and come with not just one back row, but two. This allows for carrying a large number of people and most of the SUVs with a third row, do have the capability of folding each row flat for a huge amount of cargo space. Many of these third-row SUVs also include or have available some form or rear seat comforts, like an entertainment system, rear climate control, and more.

  • Used Compact SUVs 

    Do you have a small family? Do you drive alone or prefer to commute by yourself? Are you looking for an SUV that can handle your chaotic life as simply as possible? A compact SUV may be your best option. These small SUVs feature up to five seats, come with multiple amenities, and are prepared to take you wherever you need to go. They are great for drivers that are normally driving in a small group and are perfect for cruising through smaller spaces and streets.

Visit Paul Miller Audi To Learn More

Would you like to see one of our used SUVs up close? Feel free to stop by our Parsippany, NJ, dealership to take a test drive in any of our used models. Discover which size, brand, and powertrain you prefer, and don't hesitate to talk to one of our associates if you have any questions.